skript coding

Custom Minecraft Skripts

Much easier to update and modify than standard JAR plugins!

Natural Syntax

As you might already have noticed writing scripts is not very difficult. You can write (almost) normal english sentences and Skript will try to interpret them. If Skript doesn't understand something, please check your spelling and/or refer to the documentation to find out how to write your sentence to make Skript understand it.

Custom Commands

Skript can be used to define custom commands. These commands can use Skript's syntax which allows to make very user-friendly commands, like one of the most powerful /item commands available, and any other command you or others come up with. Skript also has a setting to try to interpret all unknown commands as effects. This basically allows to use any effects you can put into triggers as a command.

Inventory Menus

Using SkQuery (An addon for Skript), you can create dynamic inventory menus found in many popular plugins. Want a couple items to display that will do different things such as warps and console commands? This becomes an easy task. Slots can be formatted to do nothing, run a console command and close the menu, or even run a console command and keep the menu open (Usefull for dynamic updating menus that change based on selections)

Chat Formatting/Json Capability

Again, using SkQuery (An addon for Skript), you can completely customize how your chat looks from prefix to suffix to player's name to the actual message itself.

In addition, you can add JSON formatting to your chat in game... Want to highlight a player's name and display a location? A rank? A specific class they have selected? Want to click someones name and have kick/ban/mute/message inventory menu to appear? Easy!

Item and Block Aliases

Aliases help to make the config more user-friendly by using comprehensive names for items and blocks, e.g. you can write 'bonemeal' instead of '351:15', or 'any hoe' instead of listing all hoe types. Aliases support data value ranges and can even consist of multiple types. You can easily define your own aliases, e.g. 'blacklisted = TNT, bedrock, obsidian, monster spawner, lava, lava bucket' and there are also many useful predefined aliases in the main config.

As Simple or as Complicated as You Want To Go

Want to create a message that displays after the player logs in? Sure, easy, 2 lines, done in a flash. Want to create a completely custom, unique experience that will WOW your users and astound them? Sure, it's more complex, but it's all worth it to see your users blown away by the customizability of your creations.

See a user complain that something doesn't work right? Fix the code, reload the skript (Without restarting the server) and watch them be so confused as to how it was already fixed.

Need to modify your Minecraft server? Request a Skript!

My Prices

Minimal Skript


  • up to 10 lines of code
  • simple changes

Basic Skript


  • up to 100 lines of code
  • modify gameplay
  • hard coded options

Advanced Skript


  • up to 500 lines of code
  • dynamic options and settings
  • modify settings in one spot
  • heavy modification of game mechanics

Premium Skript

$10 and Up

  • unlimited lines of code
  • external config.yml
  • folder created in plugins folder
  • help menu
  • major game play alterations

About Skript

Skript is a plugin for Bukkit, a popular Minecraft server mod. It allows server admins to easily modify how Minecraft works without programming anything. While alot of Java Developers frown upon using Skript, I personally enjoy the simplicity and convenience of using it. Need to change a command? Done. Need to add a particle effect? Done. No compiling, no Maven, no Eclipse, and no Java coding experience required. Below are some more benefits to using Skript. 

  • Everyone can make their server unique even without custom plugins
  • It's much faster to modify some scripts yourself than to have to ask plugin developers to write some features you want
  • Also there's no need to have dozens of small plugins if you can do the same with this one plugin

Please understand, while Skript is amazing to modify your server, it can only go so far. Heavy modifications are still best done in Java. Hire a professional for big projects.

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